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If you were to go and ask any pain management specialist which type of pain they most often hear about from their patients, they would likely say, back pain. Back pain can come in a few forms like acute back pain or chronic back pain, but one thing is for certain, it is very, very unpleasant.

Why does the back get injured?

The back is responsible for most movement of the body. But even without moving the back is responsible for static activities, like standing still, sitting or even laying down. 

Many people that don’t have proper muscle development in the backs, end up with poor posture while doing static activities, and over time can lead to serious back pain

But even athletes and those with well developed back muscles can receive an injury from over lifting, strain, and tension.

Then there are workers, in particular those who do manual labor. But in truth, back pain can affect nearly any type of workers, no matter how low intensity or high intensity their activity is.

Back Pain in the workplace

We have all seen the job ads that contain subtext at the bottom stating “must be able to lift X amount of pounds.” This disclosure is included because the pain in the back is also one of the most common claims for workers comp in New York. 

Retail workers, construction workers, taxi drivers and many other occupations experience back pain due to the activities and tasks they are required to do at work.

Sometimes it can creep up on them from doing the same task over and over again. Or other times all it takes is lifting one heavy box the wrong way.

Experts will tell you that you should ALWAYS lift with the knees to avoid back pain. But if you are already experiencing back pain this does little to help you. One of the tragedies of back pain is that because the back is in use so much, literally all the time, it will continue to get worse and worse if not treated.

Filing a claim with the help of an experienced workers comp attorney as soon as possible is key to shortening therapy time, and getting back to work as soon as you can. You lawyer will be able to help with finding qualified workers comp doctors and specialist who can treat your work caused back injury. 

Get the full compensation permitted to you by workers comp insurance by contacting the expert WC law firm of the Bronx:

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